After looking around at my space… the places I occupy on the net it dawned on me that unless they’re my* spaces, my domains, showing the content I want to in my own way, I end up being the content; read; Facebook.

So I’ve stopped posting the interesting snippets I find to Facebook, and after listening to my good friend Sam I setup a Tumblr blog. I had looked at Tumblr some months ago but it didn’t really strike a chord with me, it seemed just like Blogger v2.0.

I had Blogger it wasn’t that great.

Having shifted since then a number of times before ending up with WordPress and this blog.

But Tumblr is different, it’s more flexible, and easy to use. Henceforth a rolling stream of quality (rubbish) content now dribbles down the screen at www.aptlydeft.com  just in case you were interested. 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Tumblr will get up to over the coming months, but I like it… a lot.