The Depression of Startups

For the most part I’m a pretty cheery fellow. I’m happy and excited about the future and the many offerings I see pouring out of not only web startups but also design, manufacturing, architecture and other aspects of this ever increasing globalised world.  But lately I’ve been feeling down.

Actually that’s a lie, for the past decade I’ve been feeling down, depression is always with me, and whilst I may get happy for a while I always sink back into darkness. It’s hard to explain to people, so I don’t. Everyone gets sad from time to time and many don’t understand how intense it actually is.

I wouldn’t say it slows me down, in fact it speeds me up. It’s why I’ve been successful in my business life, it’s why I’m so tenacious with work, happy to sleep at midnight and rise at 6, and always putting my hand up to volunteer, to participate and get things done, it keeps me and my mind busy and distracted. I find it healthy to always be busy.

Where it can sometimes always go wrong is with startups, where the natural highs and lows that go with starting up something new, with limited funds, or expertise or skills. The problem occurs when depression is multiplied by a down day or period. It is impossible to describe, and I won’t attempt to describe the thoughts and feelings that goes through ones mind, but it’s not healthy.

Talking with friends, family and others in the startup and surrounding community is critical to getting through it.

It’s a taboo subject in the majority of circles, but as this world gets smaller and smaller I dare say it will become a bigger and bigger problem as people feel less valued or less loved.

So if you’re in feeling a bit down about things, particularly in the world of startups, but even more generally, please talk. You’ll be highly surprised at how many others are having similar feelings.

You are most certainly not alone.

Talk soon.