I have ideas, thoughts and beliefs about what the world could be, what my company can be, and the sorts of products I could produce. I am not limited by my education, my education has best been benefited by those around me, listening to those that have walked their own path, to their own beat.

The companies I want to run or start or work for take advantage of technology, and will be known for being smarter than their competitors, more passionate about their industry and have the highest possible employee satisfaction levels. Employees should look forward to coming to work!

The products my company will produce will not use the “take / make / waste” industrial system that has been drilled into business as being the best and only way forward. A company should have a powerful vision for sustainable commerce.

I don’t feel that worthwhile pursuits are rosy or easy, nor should they be, and that’s what makes life so bloody fantastic. In order to make these ideas a reality I’m going to have to work hard to get it done, take risks that don’t fit into any equation a career councillor could tell me and not every day is gonna be shiny, happy and easy, nor should it be. What could be more inspiring than that?

Life is there to be lived. The world is there to be explored. A business is started to build things. Let philosophy handle the screw ups!

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Lyds and Isaak