Philosophy of Workspaces

I am working by myself, for myself. Trying to get some startups cranking, running a consulting company, and as anyone who has done this will testify it’s a roller-coaster ride, there are ups and downs. One moment you feel like you just made huge progress, the next you’re in front of a brick-wall, it’s emotional, it can be […]

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Zentico Consulting

Over the past few years, in fact since graduating in IT over a decade ago I have slowly seen the move of IT and other manufacturing overseas as ‘third-world’ countries start firing up. This is also now moving to administration duties along with other office roles, this is in fact an extension of Baumol’s Cost Disease that […]

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Work, work balance.

Regardless of how powerful or intuitive our modern working world is or has become, the most consistent and perhaps remarkable aspect is internal, the mental state, how we feel about our work. For many, there is a high belief that work should make you happy. Our choice of occupation defines our identity, it is who […]

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People are against creative ideas….

Fresh research from the University of Pennsylvania has suggested that people are naturally against creative solutions and ideas, that is when someone even knows what a creative idea looks like. Further when that creativity is labelled as a positive change agent, people squirm; as a default reaction!  The study involved over 200 people with the […]

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Expanding Coles

Last night I heard a number of things, I personally found them all interacting with each other. However when I started to write about it, it sounded a bit like a joke… Steve Jobs, Coles, Michael Malone all walk into a joke…. Firstly as everyone knows Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple resigned/was fired/quit yesterday, arguably […]

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A new model for a shopping centre

With the near death of many retail shops closing nearer and nearer, albeit sped up by the bleak outlook for the economy. I was wondering if there was an alternative, some sort of model that could allow the store to remain open here in Australia. Initial thoughts jump to protectionism and taxing more severely products imported from overseas, but beyond the […]

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Kirks Gym

What should one do when you’re fed up with the quality of service, or type of service… stop whining and as the great Sam Birmingham always tells me JFDI (Just Fu**ing Do It!). With that in mind my brother Jason and I have started a gym, it’s an idea we started with another friend some […]

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Time is a ticking. I am relatively impatient. I’m not sure if it’s a result of being a part of the ‘now generation’ or understanding how long things should be taking but yet still having to wear long delays. Perhaps these delays are because of a legacy paper driven system. Whatever it is I just don’t like it. […]

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Cheer up.

I often get accused of not saying enough, not verbalising what my thoughts are, particularly when people apparently need to be cheered up. Quite often I get to told that to cheer someone up you need to say something cheerful. Sometimes you just need to be there for them.

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Role Models

Last week I met my childhood role model. The term role model I think is overused, a bit like the term ‘hero’. He was a basketball player for my favourite team, and I think I just wanted to emulate him on the court, rather than emulate him in real life. A true role model is […]

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